7 best mattress firm mattresses

Mattress Firm

8.25" Firm

Key Features: - 8.25" - firm support - comfort - breathability

Mattress Firm

Perfect Sleeper

Key Features: - 10.5" - medium firmness ("Goldilocks" of all mattresses) - cooling effect - minimal impact from partner's movement

Mattress Firm

Memory Foam Bamboo

Key Features: - 10" - great for side sleepers and back sleepers - optimal airflow

Mattress Firm

9.5" Firm

Key Features: - 9.5" - firm comfort - great for back sleepers and stomach sleepers - soft designer knit cover - breathability

Mattress Firm

MyGel Memory Foam

Key Features: - 10" - memory foam - infused with green tea and charcoal for freshness - great for sleeping in any position

Mattress Firm

Hybrid Medium Firm

Key Features: - 11" - layer of Gel-Memory Foam offers contoured, cooling comfort - great for back and stomach sleepers

Mattress Firm

Cushioned Firm Memory Foam

Key Features: - 12" - Green Tea memory foam for freshness and comfort - perfect balance of cushioned and firm for back and stomach sleepers

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