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3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes Recipe – Sugar And Gluten Free

Being a parent of two young kids, while working full-time, does not leave much time for anything. That is why I am always on a quest to find simple yet healthy recipes that do not take up entire evening to cook and that are healthy for every family member. One of my go-to recipes for a quick afternoon snack is banana pancakes. It only requires three ingredients, it has no sugar, no white flour, it can be cooked in no time, and it tastes absolutely delicious.

The three ingredients are bananas, eggs, and oat flour. The base proportion is the following: 1 banana, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of oat flour. One batch makes about 6 to 7 small pancakes. I usually cook a much bigger batch because my entire family loves them. Frankly, regardless of how many batches of banana pancakes I cook, they are always gone within five minutes. So whether you have a few over-ripe bananas lying around or you just want a quick yummy snack for your family, banana pancakes are the ideal solution.

Three ingredients for banana recipes - eggs, bananas, rolled oats


Let’s begin with oat flour. Oat flour is simply ground rolled oats. I am using Ninja Blender/Food Processor to do the grinding and it takes no more than 10 seconds to do so. Some people I know make their banana pancakes with rolled oats without grinding them – it should give them a coarser and crunchier texture, so feel free to experiment.

Rolled oats in a food processor

I usually grind more than I need for the batch and keep leftover oat flour in an airtight container like these ones.

Oat flour in a container

Next step is to mash bananas with a fork. Having clumps is absolutely normal for this banana pancakes recipe. I really recommend these stainless steel mixing bowls. They have silicon base that prevents them from skidding all over the countertop when mixing your ingredients. I have had them for over 4 years and still use them pretty much daily.

Note: the riper the bananas are, the sweeter the pancakes will be.

Bananas mashed with a fork

After mashing the bananas, add eggs and oat flour to the mixing bowl.

Mashed bananas, eggs, and oat flour in a mixing bowl

After combining everything together, you should have a pretty liquid dough for banana pancakes. Again, it is absolutely normal for it to be clumpy, this is a very forgiving recipe.

Banana pancakes dough


Once your dough is ready, heat your frying pan on Medium High. Add a tablespoon of cooking oil to the pan. I cook mostly with avocado oil but the choice is limitless. Once it has hated evenly, add a tablespoon of your banana pancake dough. Depending on how big you pan is, the number of pancakes will vary. Mine fits about 5 at a time and allows enough space for flipping them safely.

Adding a tablespoon of banana pancakes dough to the frying pan

When the pancakes begin turning white on the edges (after about 2 minutes), flip them on the other side. I use this KitchenAid Turner. I used a different type for years but once I tried this one I realized what I have been missing. This turner is great for flipping pancakes and crepes of any kind.

Flipping banana pancakes after a few minutes

After turning, cook for another minute or two until golden brown.

Frying banana pancakes until golden brown

You can serve these banana pancakes as is, they are very sweet without any additional sweeteners. Alternatively, you can add some fresh berries. Enjoy!

Serving banana pancakes with fresh berries

Have you tried this banana pancakes recipe? I would love to see your creations! Share your photos on Instagram and tag me @illhavewhateversheishaving



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